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Horizontal Directional Drilling Services

We provide services to clients across the southeastern United States. 

Our Services

horizontal directional drilling (HDD) and trenching

We are an underground construction company that uses horizontal directional drilling (HDD) and trenching to install residential, commercial, and government utility pipes for the electric, telecommunications, gas, sewer, water, and irrigation industries.

nonDisruptive drilling

Use of top-quality horizontal directional drilling equipment for the least disruptive drilling project.


HDD Locators lead the team and guide the project. They are responsible for directing the drill operator and ensuring the safe and accurate navigation of the drill head to the target.


skill, precision, and attention to detail are high priorities for all of our projects big or small.

Challenging Projects

We have completed thousands of bores in all different terrains under every imaginable condition.

Qualified employees

We proudly employ some of the best drillers in the southeast. They are trained in both machine operation and maintenance.

Enviromentally Friendly

Underground utility facilities and infrastructure are installed, repaired, or replaced with minimal ecological disturbance. We can install them under roads and highways, buildings, forests, wetlands, and bodies of water.

Directional Boring

Prevention of damaging surface features or existing important infrastructures.

On Time and on Budget

Utility projects using boring directional methods take less time to complete. Less completion time means less inconvenience associated with a utility construction project and cost.

The Horizontal Directional Drilling Process Explained bY ditchwitch

SaveS Money
Saves Time

We are one of the leading horizontal directional drilling (HDD) Companies in florida

Benifits and Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits of our services

Our Directional Boring Methods Decrease Rehabilitation Time – Because directional boring methods require little digging, the time to rehabilitate the work area to as-found or better condition is dramatically decreased.

Our Methods Minimize Disturbance to Surroundings – No one likes their home, business, or morning drive to be affected by utility construction. The footprint for a directional boring zone is usually smaller than a traditional construction zone and is often situated in an existing right of way.

Directional Boring Saves Money – Because directional boring projects can be completed in less time, including site preparation and surface restoration. Underground utility line installation projects that rely on directional boring save money.

Since 2005, we have strived to use the best equipment and techniques in the industry. We also have recruited some of the best drillers in the country to work for us. 

We strive to complete all projects, big or small, on time and on budget using the least invasive methods possible. 

We can directionally bore Polyethylene (PE), High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Fusible Polyvinyl-Chloride (FPVC), from ½” through 24”.

Directional boring costs vary according to the drilling machines required, equipment and crews mobilized, site access, underground obstructions, bore distance, bore depth, bore size, permits, workable hours, and any additional site-specific training that may be required.

85% of our work is on military installations and various government contracts mainly in North Florida. We also complete projects for commercial and residential clients as well. 

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